Rath SengSENG Rathy , volunteered in Krochhmar Commune, Kampong Cham Province from May 2006-2007. Rathy found his time at Youth Star enjoyable, challenging and good for his personal growth. Rathy noted:

“I adapted well and learnt and grown continually throughout my time there. During this time, I enjoyed the tremendous responsibilities associated with my given tasks. From this time I gained valuable knowledge and experiences and these enabled me to get good jobs where I feel I have again accomplished a great deal”. Read More

Rathy went on to work as a Community Engagement Specialist, he took part in a year long internship with ‘Worldwide Farmers Exchange Program, Hawaii, USA’, organized through Youth Star. For the last 4 years he has worked at International Development Enterprise (IDE) as a Business Development Coordinator.

“Through my time with Youth Star I now possess a well-developed leadership style, understanding and experience in my chosen field. I have achieved profitable results, developed strong team work with exceptional communication skills, I have a strong customer focus, and I have demonstrated the ability to take on a diverse multi- tasked management roles though my employment and work experience”

Rathy has been granted another Internship with Worldwide Famers Exchange Program in Hawaii which he began in May 2009.

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