Ms. Eva Mysliwiec (Founder)

Ms. Mysliwiec is a seasoned development practitioner and social entrepreneur.  During her thirty years of work in Cambodia (1980 – 2011) she founded a number of organisations including the Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI), and Youth Star Cambodia. She currently resides in Bamako, Mali, West Africa, where in partnership with Malian colleagues she is pursuing her dream to establish a school for nomad girls.  The school represents the first step in a South-South partnership between Mali and Cambodia, a partnership that she aims to further develop. Ms. Mysliwiec was appointed Youth Star Cambodia’s Board Chairperson in March 2013 and continued until March 2017. Eva continues to support the organisation from her position on the advisory panel.

Ms. Patricia Baars

Ms. Baars has over 35 years of legal experience in the US and Cambodia. She has lived and worked in various law-related areas in Cambodia from 1996 to the present. During the past 13 years, Ms. Baars directed five Cambodian projects for East-West Management Institute (EWMI). Prior to coming to Cambodia, Ms. Baars held various legal positions with the District of Columbia, including a term as the appointed General Counsel to the District of Columbia Council, the elected legislative body. She has a J.D. from Antioch School of Law in Washington, DC. Ms. Baars has a special commitment to volunteerism based on three years as a US Peace Corps Volunteer in Malaysia. Having previously served on the board for a number of years, Ms. Baars continues to support the organisation through her role in the advisory panel.