Mr. Michael Renfrew

Board Chairperson

Mr. Renfrew is a trade economist working in policy, advocacy and research.

Michael began his association with Youth Star Cambodia in 2016 as YSCs International Communications Volunteer. He has worked within the organisation to enhance organisational communication methods and channels; to support strategic development; and enhance the Monitoring and Evaluation system.

Michael holds a Masters Degree in Economic Development from the University of Glasgow, alongside an Honours Degree in International Business and Economics from the University of Strathclyde.

Mrs. Netra Eng 

Mrs. Netra Eng is the Executive Director at Cambodia Development Resource Institute (CDRI). She has been researching and writing about governance, decentralisation and public sector reforms in Cambodia for over a decade now. She has a PhD in political science from Monash University, Australia

Mr. Sreng Mao

Mr. Mao works in a number of industries and sectors, including business and entrepreneurship, aid and development project management, language education, scholarship and international education interfacing with the business community, UN/donor agencies, civil society organisations, Cambodian and foreign governments. Mr. Mao is Country Director of IDP Education in Cambodia and the Australian Centre for Education (ACE). He is educated in Cambodia and Australia, and holds a Master Degree of Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania, USA. He is the Convenor of the annual CamTESOL conference series and the annual Global Alumni Convention series.

Mr. Sou Savorn

Mr. SOU Savorn joins the Youth Star board as a former volunteer who served the community of Prey Veng throughout 2006. Returning to the organization in 2017, Sou brings with him a wealth of experience in social agriculture and development. After bolstering his skills through the Youth Star program, he has continued to engage in social development projects, coordinating decision making and finance at all levels of discourse. Mr. Savorn is currently the operations manager of Eco A&G Ltd, working with the Phnom Penh City Hall to develop sustainable and usable green space for the capital.

Ms. Catherine Cecil
Mr. Rithisal Kang
Mrs. Saramy Mey


Youth Star Cambodia would like to express our deep gratitude and appreciation to the former Board members including: 

1. H.E. Dr. CHEA Sophara 

2. H.E. Dr. HANG Chuon Naron

3. H.R.H. SISOWATH Pheanuroth

4. H.E Dr. HUN Manet

5. Mr. IN Channy

6. Mr. OUTH Renne

7. Ms. CHEM Veyrith

8. Ms. CHENG Nivana

9. Mr. OK Seri Sopheak

10. Ms. Thida. C KHUS

11. Ms. Nisha AGRAWAL

12. Ms. SOM Khemra

13. Oknha Dr. Mengly J. Quach, MD, MPH

14. Ms. Mora Gibbings

15. Ms. Eva Mysliwiec (Founder)

16. Ms. Pat Baars

17. Mrs. Socheat Chi

18. Mr. Greg Polk

19. Mrs. Sharon Wilkinson

Each of these Board members have contributed to our growth and success, bringing their technical skills and knowledge, and extensive networks to strengthen Youth Star and support the development of volunteerism in Cambodia.