Joint Project with Aide Et Action

Goal: Contribute to a comprehensive Cambodian inclusive education system that caters for every child including children with disability (CwD), indigenous, girls, poor, remote, and over-age.

Expected Outcomes:

1. Youth Star volunteers and local young people are affective agents of change, contributing to gains in functional literacy in rural commmunities.

2. Out of school children in project target areas are able and encouraged  to complete primary education cycle.

3.  Education leaders / providers are better equipped to improve the education efficiency.

4. Education environment is improved through advocacy and research.



Youth Star Cambodia and SIPAR continue the partnership in the project of “Promotion of local voluntarism for community development” to share their capacities to reinforce and extend the action conducted in the framework of the Youth Clubs.

SIPAR collaborates with Youth Star to provide supplementary technical support related to two activities implemented by Children Clubs and Youth Clubs:

1). Reading promotion through back pack library

2). Tutoring of disadvantaged children in math & Khmer. 

The technical support consists in providing training, material (books, educational material…) and monitoring. In 2015, the support will be provided to 10 Clubs already established in Prey Veng and Kratie and in one Club in Kompong Thom (Kork Ngoun). Youth Star & SIPAR collaborate to provide encouragement, topics and support for the organisation of Awareness campaigns on social & environmental issues according to needs and request from the Youth Clubs.

Youth Star & SIPAR collaborate to plan, prepare and organize workshops and skills exchange according to the work plan established in the beginning of the year.

Report on workshop improving Youth Club Leading, Oct 2015


Our Volunteers

Our current volunteers are implementing various projects in communities. There main focus is the establishment of youth and children clubs.

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IMG_6969 11805894_997921636925045_1813420065_n (1) Group
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