Several benefits are waiting for you!
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Get a job immediately after the service
More than 95% of volunteers have a job acceptance within 3 month

Work experience on the go
Leadership skills by inspiring and motivating others
Communication skills (written, verbal, etc.)
Conflict management (problem solving skills)
Build up perseverance (endurance)

Know how to create a perfect job application
Complimentary training on how to search, apply and present yourself

We care about you!
Health & accident insurance included
Accommodation & food provided
Competitive living & transportation allowances

Get a well paid job afterwards
50 – 100% salary increase guaranteed

Study English for free
Get an opportunity to get a 100% scholarship to study English at Australian Center for Education (ACE)

Benefit from the Alumni Network
Get firsthand information on career opportunities
Gain access to an experienced community

Make a difference
Be a role model, change lives, shape your country’s future
Contribute to eradicating illiteracy and poverty in marginalized communities
Become a civic awareness ambassador