2012 proved to be a successful year as we achieved our goals of having our Youth Star volunteers serve as role models and practice good citizenship for our educational project on pro poor community development and our ‘Good Men’ project addressing issues around domestic violence.

•The 2012 Gala Dinner was a huge success and was attended by 480 guests.

•Youth Star volunteers attended the 2nd National Forum on Volunteerism and a celebratory fair for International Volunteer Day organised on behalf of the National Committee for the Promotion of Volunteerism in Cambodia and under the leadership of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.

•Youth Star continues to be an active member of VOLCAM :a network of international and national volunteering agencies in Cambodia, who promote volunteerism in Cambodia.

• One former volunteer and one member of staff attended this year’s Asia Pacific Regional Commemoration on UNiTE to End Violence Against Women in Bangkok, Thailand, organised by the United Nations Secretary-General.

•One of our staff was selected to be UN Youth Advisory Panel Member in Cambodia.
• Of the 10 volunteers that graduated in 2012; two are in Hawaii with the World Wide Farmers internship  and the rest have jobs in their field with organisations such as CEDAC and Mong Rithy.

•We received the Rising Star award from the STARS Foundation.

•The SIPAR project on Pro-Poor Education and PyD project on Youth Engagement in Preventing Violence against Women, focusing on The Good Men Campaign reached 5,474 beneficiaries (3,160 females).

The Education project reached 1879 beneficiaries.
The Gender Based Violence project reached 1058 beneficiaries.
The Health and Well Being project reached 1167 beneficiaries.
The Sustainable Livelihood project reached 664 beneficiaries .
The Good Governance project reached 706 beneficiaries.