On October, 26th 2019, Youth Star Cambodia organized a planting tree event under the topic “One Tree One Love” in Kampong Prasat commune, Peam Chor district, Prey Veng, where we planted 130 luxurious trees with help from more than 100 students and residents.

Presided over by H.E Neth Pheaktra, Secretary of State, and H.E Prum Sophy, Undersecretary of State, both from the Ministry of Environment, the event was a great success and instilled a sense of solidarity in all who attended. Additional attendees included the district governor along with Youth Star board members, management, staff, and alumni, as well as local teachers and authorities at all levels.


Ministry of Environment Secretary of State and spokesman Neth Pheaktra made an appeal on behalf of the ministry at the event, urging the public to join them in planting trees nationwide through the “One Tree, One Love” program to help keep Cambodia clean and green.

“People, please participate in the environmentally friendly practice of joining tree planting activities at schools, pagodas, and in your communities,” he said.

Pheaktra said the ministry did not limit the number of trees for planting, and in fact the more planted, the better. He added that the program complements existing efforts both by the government and conservation NGOs.

“Planting trees at schools or pagodas creates a green environment, as well as a positive and comfortable atmosphere for students. Planting luxurious trees like the thnong [Pterocarpus macrocarpus], beng [Afzelia xylocarpa] and neang nuon [Dalbergia oliveri] varieties in communities, schools, and pagodas helps protect biodiversity,” he said.

Pheaktra added that tree planting goes along with the policy of Environmentally Friendly Schools that the ministry is promoting nationwide. It encourages environmentally friendly practices in schools in order to cultivate a sense of responsibility to the environment among students.

Planting trees, Pheaktra said, is a way to combat climate change and global warming that causes negative effects on the Kingdom’s development.

“Cambodia is not a country that causes climate change, but is still affected by it,” he warned.

Pheaktra reported that the ministry is managing and preserving 7.2 million hectares of protected areas, which amounts to the equivalent of 41% of Cambodia’s total landmass.


Youth Star Cambodia executive director Luy Tech Chheng said that since so many people participated in the planting event, his NGO would be sure to continue working with the ministry to plant even more trees in the future.

“Planting trees links youths, the private sector, and rural communities together through the effort. By participating in the activity, they become environmental role models for children and other youths,” he said. “The goal is to teach people to love the environment, as it is something that affects everyone.”