When we think of Hawaii volcanoes, beaches, surfing, tropical climates, honeymoons, Luau celebrations  and lei spring to mind.

It is famous for its exotic flowers, palm beaches, mountains, cliffs and canyons, very thick rainforests,majestic waterfalls and beautiful and diverse wildlife.

This a collection of islands is a fertile place that sustains many different types of agriculture and the farming of pineapple, sugarcane, macadamia, nuts, coffee, papaya, bananas, ginger root, and taro sustain its economy.

Approximately 40 percent of land on Hawaii is farmland. The state is home to approximately 3,600 crop farms and 1,100 livestock farms that include cattle, hogs, milk, eggs and honey.

Youth Star have partnered with Worldwide Farmers Exchange (WFE) to give all our former volunteers an opportunity to work on a Hawaiian farm for one year. WFE is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation sponsoring programmes for young farmers and agriculture students to learn practical agricultural techniques on farms in the United States, while experiencing life in a different culture.
We have been sending our former volunteers to Hawaii since 2008 and our volunteers have been able to come back and apply what they have learned to current agricultural technique employed here in Cambodia.

Mr.Sok Heng YANG, 32, Youth Star volunteer from July 2006 to 2007 is currently placed in Haiku, Maui.He is working on a greenhouse production farm focusing on harvesting, pest control, fertilisation, equipment maintenance and farm finances. He is enjoying his time on the farm as he receives plenty of direct supervision from qualified farmers but also the opportunity to work independently and unsupervised. He feels this cultural exchange is a mutually beneficial way to learn from and apply new farming techniques and practices.

To hear Sok Heng’s (in Khmer) account of his time in Hawaii please follow the link to watch a video that he recorded of his experience.

Rathy SENG, 29, Youth Star volunteered at Youth Star from May 2006 to 2007 is currently placed in Kula, Maui where he has returned for his second Hawaii internship. He notes his time in Hawaii and at Youth Star prepared him well for the workforce.”

“I now possess a well-developed leadership style, understanding and experience in my chosen field. I have achieved profitable results, developed strong team work with exceptional communication skills, strong customer focus, and have demonstrated the ability to take on diverse multi- tasked management roles from my previous employments and work experiences”

In his first placement in Hawaii back in 2009-2010 he was responsible for a variety of tasks including preparing the land for farming, soil fertility and nutrient maintenance, and submitting a farm business plan.

He is excited by be back in Hawaii and looks forward to combining his experience gained their previously with his knowledge from Cambodia.