img_4109Youth Star’s Cohort 23 Volunteers have successfully navigated their first two months in the field. During this time they have conducted their extensive community mapping process, whilst integrating in to their respective communes. Having identified those most in need, Cohort 23 then set about establishing and/or maintaining their corresponding Youth Clubs.

In achieving these milestones, Volunteers were invited to take part in a supplementary training weekend in the Stoung district of Kampong Thom. The weekend summarily focused on core competency development in tutoring, small proposal writing and community campaign organizing. Additionally, focus was ascribed to the ‘’Mobile Library initiative‟. The event was held from October 13th – 17th in cooperation with Aide et Action and Kampong Thom Provincial Office of Education.

Day one addressed the requirement for effective classroom management. The reality of Volunteerism in underserviced communities is the formidable number of pupils to one class. Oftentimes this can range upwards of one hundred learners from varying school grades. It is therefore crucial that our volunteers possess the skills to plan, arrange, and execute effective teaching strategies. The day also covered effective proposal writing. In facing limited funding for numerous good causes, the ability to articulate and present an effective small project proposal has the ability to change lives. In line with the required competencies for transfer of skills, the training was conducted with our partnership trainer Mr. Thong Socheat from Aide et Action, alongside Youth Star’s Program Officer Ms. Kao Sokunpharady.

Day two engaged our volunteers in the effective management of the mobile library initiative. Volunteers also learnt techniques for the assisting of slow learners. We would like to thank the excellent training provided by Kampong Thom’s POE Officers, Mr. Seng Sokheang, and Mr. Khorn Pin.

20161017105109_img_4650Day three engaged the use of teaching materials in the creation of an inclusive teaching environment. This was delivered by partnership trainer Ms. Set Sokleakna of KAPE. Prior to departure Volunteers and members of their Youth Clubs were lucky enough to be invited to Preah Damrei Youth Club in Stoung province to see a success story in action. Alongside the final reiterations of inclusive community dynamics, the group was treated to a variety of traditional Khmer dance and role plays. Our volunteers have left this weekend more prepared than ever to effect substantial and sustainable change in their communities.