Our Magnificent Group 17 volunteers have just completed their year’s service

Youth Star Cambodia would like to say a huge thanks and congratulations to our group 17 volunteers who started their placements last August 2012 and finished their service this July 31st 2013.

Mr SOR Samet, Ms. TY Sokunthy, Ms. HO Chakriya and Ms. SA Sokheang worked in Prey Veng province. Samet, Chakriya and Sokheang were placed in Kampong Trabek, and Sokhunthy in Kampong Leav. Ms. CHORN Sopheak and Mr VANN Ratana were based in Kratie province, Sopheak worked in the Sambo district and Ratana in Chang Krang.

Ratana and Samet were active in the ‘Good Men Project’ where they ran youth clubs and men only networks that ran awareness raising campaigns to prevent violence against women and girls.

All our volunteers worked on the SIPAR project to promote reading and set up education centres where children and youth could come and read.

Our volunteers were responsible for preparing the books in the libraries and reading to children in their communes. They created youth clubs to help run the centres (libraries) to encourage reading for all. Our volunteers and the youth club members then created mobile libraries and took the books out into the villages far from the CEFA (Centre of Education For All) in order to engage the most marginalised in the community. They also worked with children (grades 1 to 9) with learning difficulties and with children that are no longer at school to encourage re-entry to grades 1 to 9.

They set up youth clubs that assisted with the CEFA. They were responsible for carrying out many other projects, according to the needs of the community. The youth clubs have been responsible for setting up many campaigns. They raise awareness around issues such as sanitation, migration and domestic violence. This work will continue to be carried out by the youths in the community long after our volunteers leave.

These are just a few of the many things are volunteers have worked on in the community in collaboration with the local youth; local partners and commune council.

We cannot express our gratitude enough for the outstanding work they have accomplished in their year’s service.

We are so proud of their work and inspired by what can be achieved when youth work with their communities to make lasting change.

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